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Thumbs up Fantastic to hear of a great night out with your Argo Navis

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the post.

Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Well that was fun .. really the first night out I have spent the whole evening with the argo switched on 3.30 finish ...It certainly is an assault
on the old grey matter so many objects at your finger tips .. A tour of galaxys around leo just never wanted to end
Excellent and sounds like you had a fabulous run!

The ability to go back and forth so as to be able to compare and contrast so many objects
at ease is something I like myself when using the unit.

We were also fortunate to have a cloudless and mild night just north of Sydney
which provided the opportunity to load the orbital elements for Comet Lulin
into the Argo Navis and have a good look at it. We also spent some time
touring the smörgåsbord of galaxies on offer at this time of the year.

The unit worked flawlessly, all objects mostly centred in my 14 xw
Though some objects from some of the more obscure catalouges just wern't there .. I set the limiting mag to 11 for my back yard which showed up everything pretty clearly , maybe could of went a little deeper but I suspect low surface brightness on some objects would be more of a problem from the burbs .
Undoubtedly many of these would be surface brightness related.
Whilst in GUIDE mode, if you press the DIAL and read-off the detailed
description, surface brightness (SB) is often reported. The size of the
object, which is usually reported, is also often a good indication. For example,
some of the Local Group Dwarf Galaxies can have sizable integrated magnitudes
but spread over such an area that the SB is very low. Those that are obscured
by the Milky Way can even be more challenging to find.

Is there a way I can say tour planetarys and galaxys excludeing everything else ?
Not at present. As you see, you can select planetaries or galaxies or
non-stellar but not a union of only planetaries and galaxies. However,
it is a enhancement that might appear in the future.

Anyway great observing tool .. best $450 I ever spent
Fabulous! That's what we love to hear!

Thanks again for the post!

Best Regards

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