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Thumbs up Argo Navis AUTO ADJUST ON

Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Ei captain ..I be headin east now and all seems well

Well I have the unit pretty much picking out a few objects from
popular deep sky which the bigger of are in the field of view in my 28 mm pretoria 55 dfov
I could of aligned a little better but its good enough for now .. Its wants to initialize all the time now so I'm thinking the batteries have had enough of me ... part of my earlier problems I think were I jumped over to your..alternative procedure.. without thinking through I still have to change the mount from exact fork align at some stage .. well thats my story anyway

thanks gary
Hi Graham,

Great stuff!

You will definitely want to be using the SETUP MOUNT, ALT/AZ DOBSONIAN
setting. As one of my prior posts mentions, now begin using MODE SETUP, SETUP
ALT REF=+090.00 and then when you perform the FIX ALT REF, use

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