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OTA flipped configuration

Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
thanks for your time gary ...
this could be it
I think I have a "conceptual" problem ..with this being a point and shoot observer.. I think I pointed my sope around canis minor and swept to the east through az motion then back to the north through the same motion.. the corresponding values moved as they should so I left them be ..
wrong way round eh ?.
Hi Graham,

Indeed, it sounds as if your current settings are for a configuration where the
OTA is 'flipped' beyond the zenith. This means that you will be able
to correctly identify objects or constellations, but that when you go to
GUIDE to an object, the directions will want to steer you in the other direction.

The check for pushing the OTA to the zenith, performing a FIX ALT REF
of 90 degrees then watching what happens to the Alt reading in
MODE ENCODER when you push the scope down toward the horizon
will betray this.

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