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Originally Posted by redsquash View Post
How useful would the Agos navi be on my minor Grab and go scope? Most people seem to have at least an 8 inch or 10 inch scope ?
SO I am not sure which direction will be the more productive, though I believe , either option will produce good results.

Argo Navis installations on "grab and go" scopes are popular, including on mounts
such as the Tele Vue's, Giro 2's, Discmounts, various binocular mounts and the like.
Many users are using these mounts with modest aperture scopes, such as
small refractors. For example see here - and here -

The motivations of fitting a system to a grab and go scope are essentially identical
to fitting it to larger aperture scopes, namely, helping the user "find more stuff".

Many owners are using their Argo Navis systems on telescopes in heavily
light polluted urban environments and the ability to "find stuff" more easily,
despite these less than optimal observing conditions, means they can
can get the most out of their observing session. For many, work, family and
other time commitments means every minute spent at the eyepiece is
precious time. For these people, an Argo Navis effectively buys them time.

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Gary Kopff
Wildcard Innovations Pty Ltd
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