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Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
gary or anyone can I retro fit an argo to my homebrew truss dob ?
I'm thinking i should get one after messing around with robs the other night

I'm not sure about my large alt bearings though
Hi Graham,

Thanks for the post.

Indeed, retro-fitting Argo Navis systems to home-built telescopes is popular
and if you email me at I would be
happy to provide some obligation-free advice.

Often it is possible to improvise one of the off-the-shelf kits. As Rob mentioned,
the kit used on the Obsession that we stock is a popular choice.

We also have some in-house machining capability here in Sydney and can
fabricate custom components on demand, such as encoder ready Az pivot bolts
and Alt encoder couplings, all at reasonable rates.

We might be able to recommend something suitable if you could let
me know by email the following -

1) The aperture of the primary
2) The type of Alt bearing employed (i.e. full filled-in circle, filled-in semi-circle, non-filled-in semi-circle with/without crossbar, etc).

For the Az axis, please let me know the following dimensions -
1) The thickness of the ground board.
2) The thickness of the base of the rocker.
3) The dimension of the gap between the top of the ground board and the rocker.
4) The dimensions of the current Az pivot bolt.
5) The dimension of the gap of the edge of the mirror box to the inside of the rocker as it passes over where the Az pivot bolt is.

Some photos of the scope can be useful.
Once we have this information, we can supply more specific suggestions.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place, Mount Kuring-Gai
NSW. 2080. Australia
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
Phone +61-2-9457-9593
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