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Originally Posted by redsquash View Post
I am in a slight dilema.
I just bought a vixen Porta Mount with a Vixen reflector 130mm f/5 telescope, to start this hobby.

If I bought a Agos Navis would I be making the best use of my funds. I could buy a good 2nd hand scope or killer eyepices if I didnt buy the AN.

Somewhere down the track I will probably by a goto /push to set up, but now I know I cant afford to do both.

How useful would the Agos navi be on my minor Grab and go scope? Most people seem to have at least an 8 inch or 10 inch scope ?
SO I am not sure which direction will be the more productive, though I believe , either option will produce good results.

It would depend on if you ever want to read star charts again

All the charts do now is give us a list to view ....cheers Kev.
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