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Originally Posted by Starkler View Post
Rob if you are using 10,000 step encoders which are the norm these days, you have a pointing resolution of 2.16 arcmin per encoder step.
Yup I have and Yup I knew that. You only notice the backlash when your
scanning around at the eyepiece but even then at around 40 arcmins it is
nothing. I think you will see some in any truss dob.

I know I have a mount error which puts the pointing accuracy out by about
16 arcmins on a 180 degree spread, TPAS run should fix this. However on
saying that the two people so far who have tried my scope didn't pick it up.

All 'n' all I'm pretty happy with the results of the build as well as the
performance of the Argo Navis, both have been a real pleasure to use. I
look forward to the next one

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