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Gary and John,

Thanks for the tips guys. Sorry I haven't been back in here to reply. Too
busy sleeping, observing and parenting. I found a couple of factors in my
pointing accuracy. Firstly the rubber mats on the wet clay earth we have
here in Coombell was a major part. I've removed the mats and the ground
has pretty much dried out since the first couple of outings. I last few nights
the porblem has all but disapated 99% of the objects land in the FOV of my
14mm XW no matter what area of sky to point at, mostly in the center. I
still I reckon I'll should look at laying a slab I think.

Still took all of what you guys said. And John yeah mate! I took up woodwork
again since high school nearly 30 years ago late last year when I built the lil 8"
truss dob for my boy's, And although I did take my time and tripple checked
my measurements even remaking bits that I didn't feel happy with. I looked
at the project more as an engineering problem with cosmetics coming in
second. Still I think it can be sweaten more with TPAS. The system does
have an estimated 3 arcmins backlash about 10% of the FOV of a 14mm XW
which is 32 arcmins. However in saying that you have no problem placing
objects in the center of FOV. Also the dobson hole effect is rather minimal
you can scan around up near the zenith with relative ease.

Gary, I'll have the measurements for the encoder cables when.... ummm
I stop using the scope long enough to take them lol

Anyways thanks for the help guys

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