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Originally Posted by desler View Post
Whilst I can't claim to be anything more than a novice. I can't believe how good this unit is. I've just finished a tour, to mag 10 of the LMC, which I cant even see naked eye, due to my light polluted back yard.
Hi Darren,

Thanks for the post and fabulous to hear you are getting such productive use
from your Argo Navis.

Since most of us live in cities and large towns, your issues with light
pollution are unfortunately the norm rather than the exception. However,
it is amazing how many objects you can observe in less than optimal conditions
such as this, particularly when you know the object you are looking for
is in the eyepiece in the first place. Many a time I have been surprised to
observe objects under such conditions that I had initially suspected would
be impossible to see. The majority of users also have work and family
commitments, so more often than not, a few hours observing from their own
backyard is a luxury in itself, particularly since we live in a world where spare
time often comes at a premium.

Speaking of the LMC, you will be undoubtedly pleased to know that considerable
effort went into the compilation of the catalogs and that the LMC and SMC are
particularly well covered. Many thanks go to Andrew Murrell who acted as
a consultant during the compilation of objects within the Magellanic Clouds
and there is comparatively so little literature on objects within them that it
got down to Andrew getting out the 20" reflector and observing them with him.
One can spend weeks within the SMC alone!

Enjoy the journey!

Best regards

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