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Thanks Kev

Originally Posted by Kevnool View Post
Well tonight was the night, Was so suscessfull the Argo-Navis performed better than i really expected.

From the moment the Argo-Navis was turned on it worked like a charm,the 2 star alignment was so easy.

Well i loaded in Messier objects and NGC objects as well as toured scorpius and fornax.

Over 100 objects observed,the laser can go out the window ,star charts are a thing of the past.

WooHoo #1 is happy and clapping his hands.....Cheers Kev.
Hi Kev,

Thanks for the post, which is very much appreciated, and you have made our day.

It sounded like you had a marvelous run!

Thanks also for the photo. Obviously with your dark desert observing location,
you're collecting minimal numbers of man-made photons and just the stuff that
has traveled the distance and thus worthy of being collected in 16" of aperture.

With New Moon weekend coming up, I can imagine you can hardly wait for the
next hundred or so objects.

Thanks again for adding an Argo Navis. May there be a lifetime of great nights to come.

Best Regards

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