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Originally Posted by skwinty View Post
3.You can manually set mirror lockup and use the remote control or lap top to control interval shooting and still take darks.
Hi Steve

I’ve just had another look at my notes from that night and confirmed that as soon as you enable MLU via the menu system within the Canon 40D body, you cannot use either the interval timer or the shutter release within the EOS Utility software capture window on the computer.

Specifically, as soon as you enable MLU on the camera body, the following happens within the EOS Utility capture window:
  • EOS Utility displays a warning triangle in the top window that MLU is active.
  • The LED icon switches from White to Red.
  • The shutter release icon is greyed out (you cannot click the icon).
  • The interval timer clock icon is greyed out (you cannot program a series of exposures).
Also, the manual incorrectly shows that the shooting mode can be changed from within the EOS Utility capture window (see Page 32) by stating that you can <Double Click> on the “shooting mode icon”. This is not the case in my installation as the icon is greyed out by default and I cannot find a custom setting to change this.

In fact, when you think about this a little more deeply, it makes sense NOT to be able do this. Otherwise you would have the physical shooting mode dial on the camera body indicating one setting (e.g. M), whilst the EOS Utility capture window would show the newly changed setting, (e.g. P) – not a good thing.

However, on Page 25 of the EOS Utility guide it does correctly note that you cannot change the shooting mode via the software.


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