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Hi all
Having read the posts regarding mirror lockup and live view I read the mauals again and this is what the manual says. 98 says for mirror lock up shots, use the remote switch or timer remote. Therefore interval shooting is possible with mirror lockup. 107 says If shooting under direct sunlight or high tempereture environments the high temp alarm may come up.If you continue shootingwith high tempertureimage quality may degrade. If you still continue live view will shut down automatically 110 says high tempereture high iso and long exposures may cause noise or irregular colours.

This leads to a few considerations.
1.Use live view for focus checks only
2. if you shoot using raw you should be using iso 400 only as there is no advantage using high iso when shooting raw.
3.You can manually set mirror lockup and use the remote control or lap top to control interval shooting and still take darks.
4 You can also set the camera to do noise reduction or your long exposures if you wish then perhaps you dont need to shoot darks.

However you can still use live view if the tempereture environment is not high and the alarm has not activated.

IMHO the situation is not as bad as portrayed in the postings.

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