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Josh – yes, the laptop makes all the difference. In “Live View” on the 3 inch camera LCD you can see the full FOV image, or x5 mag or x10 mag.

In “Remote Live View” on the computer you get a much bigger screen making it really nice. The full FOV image or a 100% sub-frame can be seen.

Ken – I think I read somewhere that a studio photographer's assistant can be viewing the image on the computer whilst the photographer is in the studio taking the photos. The assistant can then warn them of any defects, poor lighting, etc and the client can also see the results without having to wait too long. I think there may be a Canon wireless module so the camera may not even need to be hooked up (physically) to the computer. Times are a changin’ eh!

Whilst in “Live View” mode the mirror is locked up and you can take photos in that mode, but I did read somewhere that this increases the noise in the image. I guess the on-board circuits are working harder to display the “Live View” image? Oh – you can also overlay a red grid on the display.


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