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Hello again Omnivorr!

Well, well,well Onivorr: (the 3 holes in the gound joke - at least the vintage of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" - complete with dramatic music.)

I'm not Gort either, rather I'm beginning to see some similarities with Igor (lumping weird looking objects around in the middle of the night, complete with limp - definitely not Michael Rennie: but I (think!) I'm younger than him, and last time I checked I was still breathing.)

Really enjoyed reading your personal expose (where's that little thingy on the keyboard to stick above the "e" to make me appear uber this and that with my literacy - and where's the little thingy for the "u" and where's the thingy for............etc.) Oh well, maybe we'll go for "ruggedly individual self-taught wanna-be intellectual" instead of Igor: it's better than the "wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley" version.

But seriously, I'm glad I connected with you and (just) saw this other thread with your contribution/confessions. And don't forget: when you get your dob I want first option on your buggered K-Mart noccies.

Regards, Kokatha man.
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