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Hi again Russ ...... Michael Rennie played Klaatu, but in the new remake (being filmed currently) the role is played by Keanu Reeves would you believe.

Klaatu ... Keanu - I can see where that fits!

With regards some observing opportunities there's a number of like minded folk from this forum around the Brisbane / Northside / Sunshine Coast area who get together regularly on a designated Saturday night near new moon up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. AstroRon (another IceInSpace member, and a Top Bloke!) lives on a nice dark site out in the valleys west of Maleny, and he kindly puts the invitation out to anyone who may wish to come along. Keep your eyes on the Star Parties forum area for mention of any Cambroon events. Some folk travel home afterwards, some camp out the night, so options are open. Not sure if you have your own car, or if that trip would be untenable to you for other reasons but let us know when the time comes, it may be possible to arrange things somehow.

Alternately there's a rumour of some other event runing for 4-5 days in early April ...

It's a bit further away by road, allow maybe 2.5 to 3 hours from your place. Expect to see the official announcement in the same forum area very soon!
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