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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Thanks for the positive feedback , some folk not many, had a bit of a joke about this eye piece and thatís fine , but it is a high quality optical instrument designed and manufactured by an experienced professional company and produced to commemorate one of humankindís most incredible scientific and technological achievements of the 20th century ( and I was privileged to see the landing as a kid in senior primary school on a tiny black and white TV set )

Sorry mate thereís no more being made , Australia (Bintel) was lucky enough to secure six ( and one of those six is in their eye piece display cabinet ) I was at Bintel this morning buying another mount and saw it there.
If your a game person , send yours to China and get a copy made up. I wonder how it would look like or perform when it came back ? Hmm.......... maybe not a good idea !!
Hi Martin
I hope my comments on the eyepiece has not made you think I was having a laugh at your expense as this is not the case because what you do with your hard earned is nothing to do with me my comments were only about eyepieces that you could have procured at a lot less that are noted world beaters the Docter 12.5 and 12.5 Nikon Nav Hw if you wanted to step into 100 deg territory at very close to that fl the thing that has annoyed me about TeleVue is to limit the availability and charge an arm and a leg for the privilege to own one especially when the 2 Sx Ethos eyepieces are excellent lunar viewing eyepieces and do what they should give you a feeling that you could nearly step onto it, Before all you people that went out and spent a horrendous amount of coin on this ep this is just my opinion and have the right to voice it..
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