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Do not yet have a telescope to suit that EQ6 mount, BUT met a stranger on the XPT train on my prvious trip, who said that he will donate a large deceased Estate Telescope, do not know what it is, but am praying.

Would love a Celestron 6 inch F5 doublet Refractor that is for sale elsewhere, for on one of these mounts [most likely for the EQ6, unless I am given a bigger scope without a mount], currently this Refractor is advertised for $600 second hand, with rings and Dovetail, and upgraded focuser, but do not yet have the money needed to buy this Refractor. A better more expensive telescope, say a Triplet, or an Apo ED, or a Fluorite Refractor would probably be more Scope than I actually do need for my program, though if donated would be accepted. These scopes would not be affordable for me, but so far never know what people will donate to this program. Have had lots donated already.

I did read on Cloudy Nights of a person who rescued a old C14 from his local Tip for $80, so that what I do need may be out there unwanted.

That six inch F5 would be portable, much more portable than my EQ6 mount. And is probably all that I do need as far an OTA goes, as long as I do buy a diagonal for it – from the ad appears that no diagonal is coming with it.
It does not have a spotter, but do have a Celestron 6X30 with cross hairs that did come with that EQ5, so hopefully can put that on it.

That doublet 6 inch Refractor according to the reviews should do for my program, as a couple of its reviews say that it showed good views of M42 and the Pleiades, which are the main Stella objects that I do want to show to the outreach attendees.
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