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But last week, purchased an Skywatcher EQ6 Heavy duty, black mount with a built in polar scope. Hand controller says that this controller is for a HEQ5/NEQ6, so that I may have purchased an NEQ6 will research this.

Have an Argo Navis Wildcard that came with it guess that is an added GOTO computer. And had a Dick Smith power supply thrown in with it, plus it came with a battery pack for 8 dry cells, plu some cords. The EQ6 came in a trolley suitcase that is unlikely to be original.

Got it WITHOUT a counterweight, and NO tripod and NO dovetail for only $200-- plus gave them a train set that I had previously advertised on Gumtree for $290--. Would have sold that train set cheaper, perhaps for $200--. [still have another Train Set to sell to raise money for this Astronomy Program, or swap for an OTA.]

But do have a counterweight of around 5 kg that came with that EQ5, and that will fit the EQ6, though is the wrong one, bigger diameter hole in that EQ5 counterweight, but will use it, rather than buy a new counterweight. Do have two weightlifting weights that I could put on that EQ5.

No Dovetail that fits the top of the mount came with that EQ6, and the EQ5 dovetail does not fit it. The 2 thumb screws that does hold the dovtail in this mount is missing, but that is nothing. Pinched one of these from out of that EQ5.
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