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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Thank Marco, the image scale is 0.94"/pixel. This image is a slight crop to remove some odd shaped stars in the far corners. The FWHM of individual subs used were according to CCDStack2 2-3.1. Seeing has been a bit average at Clayton for the last few years but still quite serviceable. The stack of luminance FWHM was 4 prior to some decon. Why do you ask?
Thanks Paul, I am asking because I am struggling with the seeing in Coona and wanted to compare. The image you produced looks pretty sharp, with nice tiny stars all over the field and I was imaging you had better seeing than mine, which is apparently similar to yours (2" to 3.1") or a bit on the higher side, mostly around 3" on subs.. I am trying to understand what I could tune on my setup to improve the FWHM but if the seeing is mediocre there is not too much I can do.. That's all

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