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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
In today's 'safety' environment, I don't think we would have successfully landed man on the moon to be honest...

We'd still be trying to mitigate every single risk we could imagine & wondering why we are no closer to success...

We seem to have forgotten that 'cutting edge' means taking risks & that life is not a 'safe' thing...

Don't get me wrong, I am safety concious but, I think we have gone far too far these days & are risking breeding ourselves out of existence by dumbing down the gene pool...
Not really,after watching Challenger and Columbia splattered across the sky not only loosing human lives but also costing Billions of dollars.
Things have to be efficient and safe now, and so they should be.
It's all right us TV hero's sitting back and saying your taking to long,but of course it's not our life's or money.
Way back in the fifties and sixties, American cars used to be death traps,falling apart in crashes that in today's cars are just classed as fender benders.
It took People like Ralph Nader and others to get safe cars built otherwise
we would still have unsafe vehicles on the roads.
Space aint going anywhere soon so when they eventually fly these spacecraft they will be the safest they can be,and so they should be.
Just my 2 worth.
PS I'm sure the astronauts and their families are glad that these things are tested to the enth degree and there is also an escape mechanism.
They wouldn't want to leave home without one.

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