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SpaceX Dragon Capsule - In Flight Abort Test tonight

The rescheduled, Dragon in flight abort test will now take place around midnight tonight (19th). A Falcon 9 booster and second stage will be sacrificed for the test, in which the Dragon Capsule will fire it's Super Draco Abort thrusters to race away from the disabled booster. As both the booster and second stage will be loaded with a full orbital fuel load, it should be fairly spectacular when it comes apart after the capsule leaves the lower segment. This should happen after MaxQ speed is achieved at a height of maybe 60,0000 feet. Ships are positioned down range to recover the Dragon Capsule as it parachutes into the Atlantic.
There are no plans to land the booster this time as it is expected to tumble due to aerodynamic instability and break apart, so the booster has been stripped of its normal landing legs and grid find used in landing (which of course can be used as spare parts for other boosters).
This is the final certification test for the Dragon, prior to NASA granting permission for it to start ferrying crews to the ISS. Should be interesting.
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