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Originally Posted by BlackSheep View Post
Excellent, that's great info and thanks for the picture to help manage my expectations. I recently picked up the star adventurer and was thinking I will do a burst of images after I see it come over the horizon if I do end up getting a lens to do it.
Another excellent lens to consider is the Sigma 50-500mm. I used it for a long time with my Star Adventurer and got some good ISS-Moon transits. I also bought the 1.4 and 2x extenders, though I use the 1.4x far more often. The 50-500 also makes a pretty good astrophotography lens for brighter targets like Orion / Carina / LMC & SMC / Lagoon nebula etc ...

It's also a very useful general purpose lens and I carry it in the car all the time along with my old Canon 70D.
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