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I seem to have opened an interesting topic ? And thank you all for your input .

I’d imagine there wouldn’t be a huge amount of people with 2 identical cameras, one modded and one not that would have bothered doing what I’m suggesting.

I agree with the theory that whatever photons hit the sensor, they will be the same in either camera in the shorter wavelengths and only greater in the shorter and so good processing should be able to extract the colours. I guess it’s how unevenly balanced the levels of the photons are that I’m struggling with. On that note, can I ask, why when I see NB images are the intergration times different for each filter ? And does this extrapolate back to what I’m suggesting where the unmodded camera is effectively my O3 filter and the modded is my Ha ? ( I understand that’s not correct in the literal sense )

Thoughts ?
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