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Originally Posted by Icearcher View Post
How about the new Skywatcher EvoGuide 50ED?

It has a focal length of 242mm.

Thanks, Not sure how it will go for imaging but it looks promising.
Yes i have been following the CN thread on this 50ED but so far setting it up for imaging involves adapting it.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
If you donít mind going a bit wider you could go for the Rokinon 135mm F/2?
Thanks, but I am trying to steer clear of camera lenses, feeling that scopes provide better optical quality.

Originally Posted by Amaranthus View Post
I use a MZ135 lens for widefield with my ASI1600, it works very well. I stop it down to f/4 though, to avoid the worst of the edge aberrations.
Thanks but as i said above.

Originally Posted by SteveInNZ View Post
I'd be looking at older, manual focus camera lenses like the Tamron 200mm f/2.8 Adaptall or if you are feeling affluent, the Canon FD 200mm f/1.8 L lens.
I have the Tamron and it has a little CA at the edges of APSC when wide open but you'll be be well inside that with the ASI1600.

Thanks Steve, and all other camera lense respondents, i will investigate scope solutions, including upgrading my setup for mosaic automation through SGP, which i already have. This will preserve resolution.
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