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Ray I agree it is an excellent camera at that price point, and I am enjoying it. I am only trying to clarify what I was hearing re new developments.

I have now heard back from Sam (ZWO) via CN mail and here is his response:

"the new version just added 2 x usb2.0 port but removed the ST4 port
because we think USB2.0 port is more useful than the ST4 port
so you can connect the EFW or guider camera to the hub
this is a hardware change and no need for software driver change

So it looks like all the new deliveries coming into the supply chain will be in this 2 x USB2 port configuration, with the USB3 link remaining back to the computer . Effectively it will be a 2 port hub arrangement on the camera. How this will work in company with the camera downloads, focusing, etc will become clearer in time, but I assume they will have tested simultaneous comms with filter wheels and guide scope. The guide camera comms would be the more problematic I would think. No news on how, or if, this would affect pricing. Anyone about to buy should probably ask about V1 or V2.
I am happy enough to have my filter wheel and guide camera separate from the 1600, and running through my Mbeat powered hub. They work without issue. It's already a rare classic.

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