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Originally Posted by lazjen View Post
Although going off topic, I strongly suggest getting a dedicated machine for either astro or your sensitive activities (banking, etc) and don't mix the two. Given the amount of money we tend to throw around at this hobby, the cost of computer hardware is not that significant.

Back on topic: Glen, you had this working with an earlier driver? When you did your tests with SGP/APT did you revert any other changes you made? Have you updated anything else?
Pensioners don't have much money to throw around. I had to sell astro equipment, including my older camera, to purchase the ASI camera. I had been using a cheap HP Stream to run BYEOS in the observatory but it was never going to cope with all the storage and USB3 requirements of the new camera.

My system was working fine with SGP .14 and the ASCOM .5 driver, but Jared (SGP) swears SGP .15 is clean and everyone should stay on that release. Besides, APT has exactly the same problem with the 1600 - so what remains common - the camera and its drivers.

I suppose i could try running APT on the HP Stream with the camera connected to USB2; not a long term solution. I could allow Teamview access by ZWO to the HP Stream. I will talk to Sam about it. Thanks for bring that up.
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