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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post

I think this camera should be used with a CCD imaging approach where you expose to get a good signal above noise

that's the point of this camera Greg - there is almost no noise, so subs can go almost as short as you like and even a tiny amount of signal will still be above the read noise (and apart from shot noise in the signal, there is no other noise at all, since these devices have little dark current when cooled).

The "CCD imaging approach" still applies, but it can be vastly modified from the assumptions used in the days of the 10-20e RN CCD dinosaurs, where you needed to soak the things with 10+ minute subs to see anything at all above the read noise. Those older chips can still produce great results, but they cannot do it with short subs - the new CMOS ones can.

low noise CMOS is finally coming into the mainstream and we are nearly at the theoretical limits for detectors - woohoo .

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