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I wonder about the viability of this lucky imaging and using a camera like that with 60 second exposures etc. That is still a DSLR approach.

I think this camera should be used with a CCD imaging approach where you expose to get a good signal above noise and not overexpose the bright areas of your image.

Is it because the target audience are used to using their DSLRs or planetary cams and think that way because of that?

Luminance 6 x 10mins 1x1 binning and RGB 10 minutes 2x2 binning all at -20C would put it right next to KAF8300 images for a direct comparison.

With 1.2 electron noise it could be great. The 3.8 micron pixels are quite small but with QE of something like 65% then 2x2 binning could be pretty hot on many setups. You get more well depth and sensitivity and lower noise. That would be the go for narrowband. All 10minutes at 2x2 or longer if your tracking can handle it.

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