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Thumbs up Coming this December 2014 - Argonaut Version 2.0

Dear Argo Navis owners,

With the forthcoming release of Argo Navis Firmware Version 3.0.0
this December 2014 we will be concurrently releasing Argonaut
Version 2.0 for Windows.

New features include :-

* The ability to save and restore your setup parameters to and
from your PC.

* The ability to set your Argo Navis Date & Time from your PC.

* Clock scaling. The ability to report, compute and reset the
new Argo Navis Version 3.0.0 software clock scaling feature.

Edition 11 of the Argo Navis User Manual includes updated sections
on the installation and use of Argonaut Version 2.0.

Included is a new section on how to save and restore setups.

Another section describes how to set up a Network Time Protocol
(NTP) client on your PC so that the PC's time can be kept in
sync with a global network of timer servers on the Internet.
In turn, accurate time setting on your PC is used by Argonaut
so that your Argo Navis can provide split-second timing
for satellite observing runs. The new software clock scaling
feature which is also fully described in the Manual provides
additional advanced utility to accurate time-keeping.

Free licenses to use Argonaut Version 2.0 and Argo Navis
firmware Version 3.0.0 will be made available to all Argo Navis
owners later this month.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place, Mount Kuring-Gai
NSW. 2080. Australia
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
Fax +61-2-9457-9593
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