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Can confirm Gary as I've just added 32k encoders to my dobs.

The goto is noticably improved although limited by mechanical mount errors.

The 32k encoders really star when the Servocat is tracking though. It's pure delight to have Jupiter nailed in the center of the fov at 340x and you really notice the increased smoothness the 32ks bring to the image you're seeing.

Last night at 2 in the morning just standing at the eyepiece looking at Jupiter and the Homunculus Nebula in the 28" was glorious.

I'm as fick as a whale omelette and have only done the standard Alt Ref and 2 star alignment so far, no TPASing or refraction or mount errors so there's plenty of room for improvement not to mention the new firmware release coming.

First impressions of 32k encoders?,

Now what do I do with all these left over 10k encoders?.
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