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Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post
Hi Gary,

Sounds fantastic . Does Smarttrack work with Servocat Jr? It's what I have installed on my SDM.

Slight off-topic, but how much of a difference would the new 32,000 encoders versus the old 10,000? Thanks Gary .
Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for the post.

SmartTrack also works both with the ServoCAT and ServoCAT Jnr.

With 10,000 step encoders on each axis, one can resolve 10,000 * 10,000
or 100,000,000 unique points.

With 32,000 step encoders, one can resolve 1,024,000,000 unique points.
So the ratio is over 10-fold.

However, pointing performance tends to be dominated by mechanical
mount errors rather than encoder resolution. So for example using
the Argo Navis Telescope Pointing Analysis System (TPAS) in conjunction
with 10,000 step encoders is likely to provide better whole-sky pointing
performance than say using 32,000 step encoders but without using TPAS.

So your first port of call should be TPAS, then if you see results that were
encoder resolution limited you might then consider using higher resolution

Tracking is the first differential of pointing, that is pointing as a function
of time. In an alt/az mount the tracking rates are continuously changing.
The second differential, that is the acceleration and deceleration of the
tracking rates, is more continuous as encoder resolution increases. However,
this may not be appreciable to the naked eye at the resolutions we are
talking about here.

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