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Cool Coming this Dec 2014 - teaching new & old Dobs new tricks with SmartTrack

Dear Argo Navis owners,

Argo Navis owners with ServoCAT's are in for an
extra-special treat this December 2014.

Wildcard Innovations and StellarCAT will be concurrently
releasing free licenses to firmware upgrades for both
the Argo Navis and the ServoCAT.

Included in this release is the next generation
ServoCAT-Argo Navis protocol by which the two devices
communicate and co-ordinate.

A new feature called SmartTrack enables users to track
solar system objects at their inherent tracking rates.

One impressive demonstration of this is the ability to
track man-made satellites.

There is something really cool about having your Dob clip
along at a decent rate of knots as you track the satellite
in the eyepiece. The background stars go flashing by!

It really is a feature that will teach both new and
old Dobs new tricks!

If you have a big Dob, we don't recommend you try
it from up the ladder! But we know daredevils will
be tempted!

One thing is for sure. Come sunset on the observing
field when satellites are most easily observed before
they enter the shadow of the Earth, you will have
your observing mates clamouring to give it a try on
your scope.

When the satellite reaches the horizon or lower
altitude limit you have defined, SmartTrack also stops
tracking in altitude beneath the limits.

Argo Navis firmware version 3.0.0 also includes brand-new
completely re-written satellite tracking code.

Geostationary satellites, in their very high orbits of
35,786km, are out of the Earth's shadow for even longer
periods and can be often observed late at night.
They too are really fun to observe and you don't need
to be a daredevil. Argo Navis SmartTrack
also computes their tracking rates on behalf of the
ServoCAT which of course happen to be essentially zero.

Your brain will think you are watching an object moving
across in front of the stars, but in fact the scope is not
moving at all and the stars are drifting by as the Earth

To perform the Argo Navis firmware upgrade you will
require an Argo Navis Serial Cable.
Many of you will already have one.

If you require a USB Serial Adapter, we recommend the
Keyspan USA-19HS and we stock them as well.

The Argo Navis Serial Cable is part number pn-ser-cbl.
The USB Serial Adapter part number is pn-usb.

Either or both can be ordered from Wildcard Innovations online :-

With the Version 3.0.0 release not far away, now would be a
good time to order.

We will be announcing some additional cool features
during this month.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place, Mount Kuring-Gai
NSW. 2080. Australia
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
Fax +61-2-9457-9593
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