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Thumbs up Share your Argo Navis between multiple mounts - a gift for owners this Dec 2014

Dear Argo Navis owners,

If you own multiple mounts and share them between one Argo
Navis, Wildcard Innovations have a special gift for you this
December 2014 when we will be releasing Argo Navis firmware
Version 3.0.0.

One of the special features of this release is the ability
to store multiple setups within the unit. You can assign the
setups a label that acts as a mnemonic and you can see at a
glance when you power on the unit which setups you are

The multiple setups includes all parameters, even your TPAS
model. So if you want to experiment with multiple TPAS
models, it has become even easier.

To perform the firmware upgrade you will require an Argo
Navis Serial Cable. Many of you will already have one. See

If you require a USB Serial Adapter, we recommend the
Keyspan USA-19HS and we stock them as well.

The Argo Navis Serial Cable is part number pn-ser-cbl.
The USB Serial Adapter part number is pn-usb.

Either or both can be ordered from Wildcard Innovations online :-

With the Version 3.0.0 release not far away, now would be a
good time to order.

Version 3.0.0 also has some additional exciting features
that we will talk about during this month.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place, Mount Kuring-Gai
NSW. 2080. Australia
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
Fax +61-2-9457-9593
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