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Howdy All,
My name is Ian (blexxx1769), a retired ship engineer living on Bruny Island, S.E.Tasmania & surrounded by acres of farmland & bush & not a light to be seen. I've spent years observing the skies thru binoculars but now I have the time & space to take another step. So, step, the next is a 16" Meade LightBridge,now sitting in the shed. A bit much, you might say, but this is what happens when you seek advice from a SDM 22" owner!
'If some's good & more's better, then too much ought to be just about right'. Right!
Anyways, the adventure starts now & going by the enjoyment had by all the IceInSpace readers out there, it'll be big fun.
Time to enjoy the night.
Cheers, Ian. :-)
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