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Originally Posted by Xanthomaniac View Post
G'day everyone,
My long standing love of the stars and planets has been re-awakened.
I'm intending to shoot the stars as it were, with my conventional professional photographic equipment. I have the ability to take basic images with good camera, lens and stable tripod, (30s @ 1200mm)... but of course the global rotation is a big problem.
I'm looking for equipment to purchase at the moment to counter that movement as well as pinpoint specific objects to capture, (equatorial mount with GoTo capability - telescope optional at this stage).
Right now, I'm looking for the Delta Aquarids... *sighs* (any assistance is most welcome).
Looking forward to catching up.
Hi Pete
You have a few options when it comes to mounts that will track the stars. You could go for one of the smaller mounts aimed at DSLRs with photographic lenses like the Vixen Polarie, iOptron SkyTracker, or the AstroTrack.
If you want a bigger mount that you can eventually mount a scope on then it's a bit more complex as you would want an idea of the type of scope you will be using. However you could look at an Skywatcher HEQ5 as a starting point as it will easily handle your DSLR and lenses and will give good results with a moderately sized telescope.
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