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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
I'm going to stop (with this post) pointing towards the G2-8300 camera, but will for the final time say that it is very good value for money. It has deep 2 stage cooling and an inbuilt wheel. I can run at -20 all year with no problem. I have not tried -25 but it might do it. Probably 1.25" filters would work fine with flats. I doubt there is much difference here between the QSI regarding filters, and probably not too much that would let a person say that a particular shot was taken with the QSI or the Moravian. A bit like wine tasting I say; the power of suggestion is always great. All of the photos I have put a link to earlier in this thread were taken in bad light pollution. Are they as good as a dark site. Of course not, but they were fun and continue to be so, if not a little frustrating. All were taken with a Hutech IDAS LP in front of Astrononmik filters. Naturally a larger pixel camera will cost more and have greater well depth.

so your lrgb were taken with the light polution filter in place - did you or have you used narrowband filters?
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