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From my experience with TV eye pieces, each type has a different viewing experience for specific objects and seeing conditions. I have Panoptic, Delite, Delos, Ethos and Apollo 11
If I had to select one TV eye piece out of the whole range to use for the rest of my days on all objects it would be the Panoptic 27mm, a simply beautiful eye piece
They all have been designed for specific astronomical purposes, price range and user comfort
Although my least favourite would be the Delite range which I believe are more suited for the budget minded astronomer who want to get into TV or for Bino use.
I have astigmatism in my right eye so purchased a TV Dioptx accessory and found it worked with varying degrees of success. Now days I just observe with my left eye which just has myopia.
Itís a shame these eyepieces are out of the price range for a lot of folk as they are well engineered and designed high quality optical instruments
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