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This may not be "Live Video Astronomy" but it is similar, after all the light from deep space objects has taken many thousands of years to travel here so adding another 5 to 10 seconds to the journey to bring out detail and colour is not too much to ask.

I have used a Sony A6000 DSLR to do this with my scope with reasonable results but this setup has limitations.

The Sony A6000 DSLR has a wifi connection mode to connect live with a phone or tablet using the inbuilt Sony wifi Remote software in the camera and Sony Play Memories wifi Remote software on the tablet or phone, some of the camera settings can be adjusted on the tablet, other camera settings were set to vivid colour and extra colour saturation of +5 with auto white balance, this brings out more colour in the image.

I used a 10 inch Samsung tablet wifi connected to the camera, live view was great for the moon and planets but deep sky objects showed only the bright stars.

The more faint deep sky objects needed just one quick 5 to 10 second exposure at iso 6400 to show reasonably good detail and colour on the tablet screen and this can be done remotely from the tablet software. At iso 6400 the image shows some noise and hot and cold pixels but on the 10 inch tablet screen it still looked very impressive.

Advantages of this method is simple quick setup and the ability to be free to move about with the tablet wifi connected and also others with you on the viewing night can also connect to the camera and take their own shots away with them on their tablets.

Disadvantages are the live view is not sensitive enough to show detail in deep space objects and having to wait 5 to 10 seconds for a detailed image and at iso 6400 the image can be a little noisy

Other modern DSLR cameras may also have live wifi connect, some may have better live view sensitivity making this work better.

Attached below are examples taken using this method

Note: these files have been made much smaller 1200x 800 to allow posting here the original files were 24mp in size 6000x4000 and much better in quality

Scope: 12 inch Meade LX200 at f6.3 (alt/az de rotated setup)
Camera: Sony A6000 DSLR

M20 Triffid Nebula (single 10 second shot and simulation of live view detail)

47 Tucana (single 5 second shot and simulation of live view detail)
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