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Originally Posted by Garyh View Post
That`s a great site Doug..
Doesn`t the cheap nifty fifty scrub up well! Might have to get one...
Also the 24 f/2.8 looks good.

Even the EF-S 18-55 IS performs really good for a standard lens..
Also the newer EF-S 15-85 3.5-5.6 looks really goodas well?
Anyone used these lens and have any good resolution shots with these or recommended these?
cheers Gary
Hi Gary - yeah it's a good site to compare and contrast.
I find myself heading straight for the corner test shot to assess sharpness and CA first thing! That often sets the tone for any further enquiry into the suitability of that lens for astro imaging.

The 50mm f1.8 still looks really good for a $100+ prime.
Never tried an 18-55, but I did give the 17-85mm EF-S kit lens a go at widefield work - 'orrible+++
The 24mm looks pretty good even at f2.8 in the corners!!
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