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In a recent post on the SB forum you posted your TheSkyX build number and it was extremely old. If you haven't already downloaded and installed the latest daily build, please do so. The build number should be 7398 or higher.

how does Tpoint add on in skyX control the dome to ensure the slit is open at the right spot?
Theoretically all you need to do is to 1) properly configure your dome in the dome add on (a one time process), including checking the "couple dome to telescope slews" and (optionally new) "couple dome to telescope tracking" checkboxes, 2) connect to the dome and 3) set "sort for dome" when creating pointing targets in the Tpoint add on.

For some reason I get an unhandled exception error.
Not being a dome add on user, I'm not likely to be of much help. You're going to need to gather all your information together, error messages, version numbers, build numbers, dome add on settings, which dome driver you're using in the dome add on, the driver's settings, dome driver software versions, etc. If it's an ASCOM dome driver, which version of ASCOM you're running, etc. and report off to the SB support forum. There are some debugging settings in TheSkyX you can set that might gather useful information, but I don't recall what and where they are off the top of my head. You should ask about those at the same time.

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