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Any of you guys using Sharpcap to capture instead of FireCapture? I just noticed I can get ~140fps in Sharpcap with the native driver opposed to ~50fps in FireCapture with the ASCOM driver for the same gain/exposure settings. Big difference. I think I'm going to can FireCapture and use Sharpcap instead from now on.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
Very nice Marc, great to see it rotating!
What is the gap between frames? 20 minutes?
Thanks Colin. I captured for 180s then a delays of 3s and do it all over again unless I refocused and there's a meridian flip somewhere in there too so you can see the jump.

Originally Posted by jahnpahwa View Post
I second the voyager fly-by remark... this definitely looks like you were right there. Amazing job, mate
Thanks mate.
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