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Originally Posted by DarkArts View Post
That's about as good as the raw footage from the Voyager 2 flyby.
Thanks mate. I wish.

Originally Posted by RichardJ View Post

Merci beaucoup.

Originally Posted by Mickoid View Post
Wonderful job there Marc, one of the best I've seen. How did you get your GIF so large? Really looks impressive.
I've attached my settings. I upscale 150% as advised by Trevor Barry. Got heaps of good tips from Anthony Wesley as well on what to do and not to do. Top blokes both of them. As a noob just getting started in Planetary imaging their help has been invaluable and saved me a lot of guess work and pain. I wish they were more like them in the astro community willing to share and teach because in the end that's what it's all about, progress as a group and enjoy the hobby to the full

I try to focus correctly but still guessing most of the time even with stabilize turned on in FireCapture. I find that very challenging most of the time so if anyone has a good trick for it or a repeatable method I'm all ears.

Here's what I've done for these.

In AS!3 I try to use multi scale AP. Emil video says it gives a better overlap and results. Trevor sets his manually but his data is far superior. This works for my data for now.

I also found that although AS!3 may say you have only 25% or 40% of frames above the 50% quality it pays to slide the frames and check visually. Often the frames at the tail end still look ok so I stack them. This results in better SNR and the loss of details is not significant if you're careful not to include really dodgy ones. Easier to process and sharpen later in Registax 6.

In Registax 6 I do in order the sharpening, contrast/brightness to set the black point then color balance, rotate and upscale 150% with Mitchell algo.

That ugly double limb on the bright side I mask/feather in PS. You can spend time using the deringing in Registax 6 to do a better job but that's just how much time I was willing to spend on it.

Then in PS you do your colour saturation/cropping, load all layers to an animated GIF 0.2s per frame and that's pretty much it.
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