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Originally Posted by lazjen View Post
We were in Casper, WY, but on the morning drove to south of Douglas on route 94, to be very close to the center line. There was a nearby field where lots of people gathered and so many large buses turned up - at least 15. We were parked on the side of the road with a clear view in all directions.

The weather was absolutely perfect - the only clouds were around the horizon.

As it was our first eclipse we did not plan to do any real photography, so we just took a few hand-held shots during the event (my wife managed to capture at least one good totality pic). I spent my time just watching it. It certainly went fast, but it was really amazing. I could see (naked eye only) red beads on the moon, a star? that was quite close (and Venus much further away on the other side) and the streaming corona (which was interesting for the shape, with some parts protruding further than others).

For the sky, it looked like everywhere was in near sunset at once, unlike the normal sunset glow. And those clouds helped to bring out the colours. While the light dimmed, it certainly was bright enough to see around easily.

We also noticed the temperature drop as it was going towards totality, so we put on jackets to be comfortable.

While there's a number of things I'll take away from this eclipse, one memory that's strong is that when I saw totality it was like something completely alien - it just was not normal.

I'm starting to plan for the next one.

Edit: Forgot to mention the insane traffic afterwards - we had to drive back to Denver. It should have taken about 4 hrs - it took us 14 hrs instead. I 25 was backed up for many miles - I think more than 100.
Chris, thanks for your post. same question for you as i asked above how far out did you see the corona extending?

i still have no words for totality and diamond rings.

all i can say is im hooked. absolutely hooked.
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