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Originally Posted by bojan View Post
About exposure times again...
I will use Canon 60D, in live view mode and I am wandering, if it's worth to risk and set it to AV mode.. so exposure time is supposed to be determined automatically.
This setting works pretty well on my 400d with manual lenses (and no live view of course), with -2 correction for terrestrial photos (if I remember correctly).
Any thoughts/experiences about it?
Not sure about the 60D but I know some use a D800 set to auto ISO, minimum shutter speed and AV. Apparently that works well.
In that case the shutter speed and ISO varies to suit the metered scene.

I imagine with an eclipse you will want your camera able to take in the widish range of light levels from bright to twilight type conditions and back again without requiring fiddling with settings with a few minute window of opportunity.

I'd experiment with settings outside on a bright day then take it inside and make it a bit dim and see if it still handles that without changing anything.

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