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The Eclipse marathon starts from the southern end of Port Douglas beach and third contact is the starting signal. So it will probably be quite crowded in that area. But there are plenty of other beaches.

The beach certainly has an attraction but there are reasons for looking at alternatives. A well chosen beach should provide a good a good view towards the east, an attractive scene of the Sun rising out over the ocean, the beach atmosphere, palm trees etc.
But the tide will be coming in, it will be high tide round about 9 am and it will be one of the highest tides of the year. So at total eclipse time the tide will be coming in quite quickly and all those other people on the beach will be edging back towards your carefully chosen higher up spot.
Add to that the fact that most beaches are tree lined greatly restricting the view around and behind you. So it will be harder to find a spot to appreciate the all round sunset effect and quite difficult if not impossible to get an appreciation of the approaching shadow.
There is the balance of weather prospects on the coast or inland.
No place is perfect and you usually have to accept some compromise. Depends on what you are looking for out of the eclipse.

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