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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Here's a fabulous resource about the likely weather, cloud cover for the whole region and recommendations.

As its an early morning eclipse it means less likelihood of cumulus type cloud having formed.

60% chance of a clear day in Cairns.

So along the beach may be the go.

Greg, I recall at NACAA that Terry said that the tide will be coming in, resulting in little beach left to use. You wouldn't want to get caught up in the retreat. Also, don't forget about the thousands of others who will be looking for that same little bit of beach. And another thing - don't expect to be able to relocate any time until well after the eclipse is finished!

And one final thing - apparently there is some major sporting event like a triathalon or similar, that will start during the eclipse!

I'm still considering a strategy to get on top of all this...
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