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Originally Posted by Allan_L View Post
Hi Nigel,
Welcome to IceInSpace

I have had both the skywatcher 10" (non-goto) and currently the 12" skywatcher (goto).

Both are great scopes visually.
YES. You can buy a goto upgrade for the basic SW DOBs.
These are around $1,000 for the upgrade. [checkout Andrews communications website]

Sure the goto makes finding stuff easier, but they then introduce further issues such as power requirements, alignment, and extra weight.
Whereas the non-goto is pretty much just plonk it down and start observing.

You can get various things to help find stuff, such as charts, planisphere, phone apps, and computer programs, etc. [Download the Free stellarium program anyway.]

I am certainly happy with my goto, but the choice is up to you.
It would be good if you could get to an observing session and see both in action, and talk to their handlers.

Good luck with your choice (what a wonderful work incentive !!!)
And feel free to ask questions.

Clear skies!
Hi Allan

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I've actually changed my mind as I feel the Dob scope's in question were a tad too big for me starting out.
I have had a couple of more suggestions from the people who look after the gifts for our company and I have narrowed it down to two scopes.

Both are Maksutov Cassigrains -

1) 127 x 1500 with GoTo (SW127MAKSD)
2) 150 x 1800 with EQ mount

I have to chip in $300 for one of these which I'm happy to do but I just would like some feed back on each.
I'm actually leaning towards the manual one now as I think it might be a better quality scope as I'm not paying for a GoTo system and all the value is in the scope.

Would like peoples thoughts on this?

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