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Originally Posted by raymo View Post
Hi Andy, you have taken up the hobby when new and used gear
is much more affordable than it used to be years ago.
G'day Raymo. Yeah, it's interesting to see some of the prices in a couple of 1988/89 Deep Sky magazines I've managed to get my paws on.

Mind you the magazines are still very interesting reading and quite relevant. Sure most astronomers now aren't into hyper-sensitising film, but a lot of the other stuff is time-less - like a nice table of Carbon Stars.

I suspect that now, even though equipment isn't quite as expensive, there's so much choice that it's bewildering trying to work out what's what. And of course any opinions on forums regarding equipment are subjective.

I wonder when this forum will have as many posted text characters as there are stars in the Milky Way...?
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