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GreyWolf (Andy)
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Oooo... Another furry critter!
Sorry Wolf. I didn't know there was a Wolf. But at least I'm a grey wolf. I hope you're not a wolf-rayet.

Let's have a big howl together!!!

I'm also sometimes known as Andy. Domestic Engineering (or house husband if you prefer) is my current game. Better change that soon...

Beware the full moon. But yes I like it. And planets. Omega Centauri. Bright sparkly things in the sky. Dim whispy things in the sky. These are some of my favourite things.

Sort of new I guess. Redundancy let me get my little 6" SCT. And then I learned the rest of the astronomy world exists. Yeah gotta do things backwards. But the learning cap is on, L plates dangling around my neck. Time to read!

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