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Evening all

Just joined up yesterday and I'm blown away by the amount of helpful people in this forum. My eyes are sore from reading so much good info but I can't seem to stop - what a great site I've stumbled across and hope to one day contribute also.

I am at the starting gate with Astronomy and yet to purchase my first telescope and there in lies my problem.

I have just clocked up 20yrs working for my employer and for this milestone I get to choose a gift from their website.
They have the obligatory gold watches, diamond earrings etc. but also have some telescopes of which for my bracket they are offering the 10" Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope (254mm x 1200mm).
(I can actually get the 12" if I want and pay the difference too).

My problem is I have read that having a Go To telescope is a lot more fun for someone like myself starting out as you get to see what you want straight away after a few short setup steps.

My question is to you is this -

a) Am I on the right track with this thinking of a GoTo scope is better for a total newbie?
b) Is there the ability to upgrade this manual scope to a GoTo unit later down the track and if so what would be involved and where would I go to have it done?

Sorry for the long post but I have lots of other questions but I'll go do some more reading first :-)

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